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Stay home if you are sick

Do not visit parks if you are sick with, tested positive for COVID-19, or were recently (within 14 days) exposed to COVID-19.

  • If you are sick with or tested positive for COVID-19, were recently exposed (within 14 days) to someone with COVID-19, or just don’t feel well, do not visit public areas including parks or recreational facilities.


Ooltewah Youth Association Return to Play Plans:


Expectations of the Park

1.    Signage encouraging face coverings, social distancing and good hygiene will be located throughout the park

2.    Hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the park

3.    Dugouts will be stocked with disinfecting wipes for teams to wipe down dugouts after each game

4.    Floor stickers with the message “Please Stand Here” will be stationed outside of the concessions stand

5.    Enhanced cleaning will occur in public restrooms, with special attention given to high touch areas like handles and door knobs

6.    Additional time between the end of one game and start of the next game will be built into the playing schedule to lessen the potential for teams exiting and entering the field to bunch up - and to allow for dugout sanitation

7.  Concessions: servers and handlers wear face coverings


Expectations of Coaches:

1.   The Head Coach, or his/her designee, shall wipe down the dugout with sanitizing wipes after each game before allowing the next teams players to enter.

2.    Coaches are encouraged to wear face masks when standing within 6 feet of a player.

3.    Coaches are encouraged to maintain at least 6-feet of distance when conversing with an umpire and must wear a face covering during said discussion. Only a head coach may converse with an umpire. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in the coach being ejected from the park.


Expectations of Players/Parents:

1.    Avoid sharing of equipment

2.    Equipment bags should be placed on the fence at least 6 feet apart

3.    No sharing of drinks or snacks. These items should be labeled with a players name to prevent an accidental touch by a teammate

4.    Post game drinks/snacks should be passed out by one person

5.    Seeds, gum and other similar products are highly discouraged

6.    Players should refrain from high fives, fist bumps and other celebratory touching

7.    At the end of each game, players and coaches will stand on the foul line outside their dugout and participate in a “thanks for a good game” wave, in lieu of handshakes

8.    Parents shall wear a face covering when visiting communal areas, such as the concessions stand or bathroom.


OYA reserves the right to remove coaches from teams unable to comply with these guidelines and/or empower umpires with the authority to penalize a team with an out (“interference”) when delays to gameplay occur due to non-compliance.